Lukoil to Build a €1 billion Plant in Burgas, Bulgaria

The Russian oil company Lukoil plans on opening a plant for polypropylene production in the Neftohim area of Burgas, Bulgaria.

The plan was revealed by Lukoil’s President Vagit Alekperov.

Despite Alekperov claiming the plant will be small, the business analyzer Evgeni Dishluk puts the price tag of the plant at €1 billion. He also claims that it will take 3 years to build the Burgas factory. As of now, internal sources from Lukoil claim the factory is still in the early planning stages of development.

The production will be exported to Turkey and the European Union.

Alekperov was also present during the visit of Boyko Borisov in Russia. The Bulgarian PM was accompanied by key figures in Bulgarian energy. During that visit, the Lukoil president claimed his company doesn’t plan on expanding its gas station business in Bulgaria. As of now, Lukoil has 221 stations all over Bulgaria.

Alex Dimchev

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