Volya Leader to Launch a Bulgarian Referendum for Leaving NATO

The leader of the Bulgarian political party “Volya” Veselin Mareshki, announced his plans to launch a referendum for the country to leave NATO. He also criticized the European Union, comparing it to the USSR and claiming Europe is dying.

Mareshki said: “This will be one of the biggest initiatives in our campaign for the European elections. We consider that NATO doesn’t give us anything in practice, but only robs us. At the moment we are speaking for several billion that must be taken from the Bulgarian people and be given for a pointless pile of metal from which the Bulgarian people won’t get anything. We are absolutely opposed to that. If NATO wants to be our partner, they can easily gift us some airplanes, and not for the final money of the poorest nation in Europe to be siphoned up and in practice to throw the people in an even deeper poverty.”

The Volya leader also took part in Marine Le Pen's meeting of right-wing leaders in Nice, France. Mareshki is also claiming that Europe must be united and stand up to the United States instead of being its puppet. He said: “At the moment other states are causing problems and Europe is paying the bill. The bills of Turkey, why aren’t they paid by the USA, but Europe has to pay these billions?”

Mareshki also criticized Europe for hypocritical policies concerning Bulgaria: “They forbid us to build a new NPP [Nuclear Power Plant], they made us prematurely close our reactors, forbid us to participate in “South Stream.” At the same time “Northern”, Turkish” and all sort of other streams are being built. German, French, American firms freely invest and cooperate with Russia, but that is forbidden to China. Instead of making us the bridge to Russia and the East they are making us a barrier. IN practice, as if they are forcibly making us escalate the tension. I hope it won’t come to armed conflict. These things can be changed only after real European patriotic formations get into the management or in charge of the European Union.” 

In the age of multiculturalism and mass migration, the fate of Europe is often discussed. Mareshki also commented on the topic, saying: “Europe is dying, it's bleeding out, it's being robbed.” That’s why according to him “it must be shaken from the inside out.” He also added: “The EU looks like the USSR, with one feudal from above, some dictator, and obedient republics underneath, obedient servants. The idea of our movement is the exact opposite – string European peoples, which will create a strong United Europe.”

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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