The Movement for Rights and Liberties Criticizes GERB's "partners"

Today, the leader of "Volya" Veselin Mareshki made the news by claiming that Bulgaria should not remain in NATO. This caught the public by surprise but it also opened a window of opportunity for the parties in the opposition to speak their mind. 

The leader of the parliamentary group of GERB (the governing party) - Tsvetan Tsvetanov addressed Mareshki's words and explained that Bulgaria cannot afford to start a procedure for leaving NATO. Tsvetanov stressed that such announcements may cause speculations and false conclusions. The MP also warned that putting EU and NATO policies on the same plain is not a good strategy. According to Tsvetanov, "if something today can guarantee the country's national and territorial integrity" it is Bulgaria's NATO-membership (a statement that once again establishes the country's dependence on foreign help). Everything else is "hypotheses and very heavy scenarios", in the MPs words. 

At the same time, the Movement for Rights and Liberties (DPS) saw GERB behind Mareshki's words. Although "Volya" does not officially support the government, many believe this to be the case. The leader of DPS - Mustafa Karadaya simply said: "This is GERB". Mareshki's "brave" rhetoric was used by DPS to criticize GERB once again for their choice of partners. "One-half of GERB's partners (the United Patriots) want us to leave the EU, another half ("Volya")- NATO". 



Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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