Mariya Gabriel: €28 Billion for Digitizing in the EU

The budget for digitization of the EU for the next program period will be be €28 256 000 000. This was announced by the EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel. She announced that the funding for cyber-security will also increase. Gabriel underlined that the EU has spent €1.6 billion in that field in comparison the USA’s $30 billion for 2017.

Gabriel is quoted as saying:“For the first time in the history of the European Union we have a digital program for Europe. With it, we want the digital transformation to be for the benefit of the business and the people, they should be its center. We are sending a clear signal that Europe wants to modernize the traditional politics like the cohesive and the agricultural ones, but we also have the courage to invest in new areas, in which no single member state can deal with independently. This is the digital area.”

Gabriel also announced that the EU’s MEDIA program will also see an increase in funding to €1.2 billion. This program “has supported the development and distribution of thousands of films as well as training activities” according to the EC’s website.


Alex Dimchev

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