Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev Continue Discussions on the Macedonia Name Problem

After their meeting during the EU-Western Balkans summit, the Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Greece, Zoran Zaev, and Alexis Tsipras had a least one phone conversation discussing the solution of the naming dispute.

The previously agreed name of Ilinden Macedonia has likely fallen through as a potential solution due to its unpopularity with both Greeks and Macedonians.

The Greek Skai TV reports that Zaev and Tsipras discussed adopting the solutions proposed by US diplomat Matthew Nimetz, the UN representative for solving the naming dispute between Macedonia and Greece. Skai reports that there will be a strong attempt to solve the problem before the next meeting of the EU Council in June.

But it seems like every time is next time with this diplomatic problem. The Foreign Ministers of Macedonia and Greece hoped that the problem can be solved in the EU-Western Balkans summit, and not the PMs are hoping that the dispute can be solved before the EU Council in June.

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