Stara Zagora-Plovdiv Motorway Track to Open on June 15

The repairs on the 22-kilometer track between Stara Zagora and Plovdiv of the Trakia Motorway will conclude on June 15. The Prime Minister Boyko Borisov made the announcement during his official inspection of the track. The video of the visit is available on the PM’s Facebook profile.

In the video, Borisov touched the road, which, according to Bulgarian media outlets, was repaired using innovative techniques. The PM ended the inspection in his characteristic manner of speaking: “Stop hanging about and get to work!” He also stated that the expanded Burgas-Sunny Beach road will be opened for traffic on the same date as the Stara Zagora-Plovdiv track.

Recently, the Bulgarian Minister of Public works said that half of Bulgaria’s roads are in disrepair. Road repairs have become a staple of the Borisov government, and it seems like every month there’s a new road repair.

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