Bulgaria Wants a Removal of USA Visas for Europeans

Bulgaria’s PM Boyko Borisov said that he will suggest a removal of the visa regime between the EU and the United States.

Borisov commented on the future of the Balkans as a unified business region, saying: “We are equally friendly with both Greece and Macedonia. You see that several days after the Council, President Erdogan visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and negotiated a Sarajevo- Niš motorway. This suits us because the whole Balkans would be connected. The Russians, the Americans, the Turks, as major geopolitical players other than Europe, are welcome in the Balkans, let’s use them as a bridge of friendship, and not for every single nation to defend its geopolitical interest and create conflict. This is why we have a meeting with Ukraine, with the President Poroshenko.”

Borisov also revealed the plans for the upcoming Council of Europe meeting:

“The first and most major topic we have discussed and will put forth during the European Council will be the removal of the visa for Europe to the USA.”

Bulgaria is one of the few European Union countries which still does not have access to the USA on a visa-free basis, under the American Visa Waiver program, alongside neighbouring Romania, as well as Cyprus, and Poland. Canada last year granted all European Union countries access to their program after Romania threatened to veto the CETA deal without them doing so.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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