Mtel is Now A1

Bulgaria's first and largest (4.2 million clients) mobile phone operator Mtel is now called A1.

The company is not only changing its branding name but its juridical name as well, from now on it will be called "A1 Bulgaria". This is part of the ongoing changes in all companies part of the A1 Group. The branches in Austria, Slovenia, and Bulgaria have already changed their names. Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Belarus are next.

The clients' contracts remain as they were, but changing the name is part of the overall idea of improvement of the company policies.

For instance, relying more on customers' feedback. The CEO of "A1 Bulgaria" Aleksandar Dimitrov explained that this move marks a new era in the company's development - new service standards, a united corporate culture, more experience and a know-how. 

A1 will now be offering new services - its own line of smartphones, an online music streaming service, as well as financial services.

These new services are supposed to start in the next couple of weeks. According to Dimitrov, the music streaming service will have everything that Spotify has but will also include a lot of Bulgarian music. The expected price for the service is also lower than that of similar services. The app was developed by the major shareholder America Movil. А1's sports channels Mtel Sport 1 and 2 will be renamed to MAX Sport 1 and 2 but the prices will remain the same.

A1 will also be introducing its own credit card that is allegedly more competitive than credit cards currently on the market.

The rebranding aims almost entirely to improve the customer experience. A1 has promised that reaching the customer support will take no more than 60 seconds. Problems with the service are supposed to be fixed within 6 hours and installation of TV packages will happen within 3 days. A1 is also going to introduce an app for feedback called "My A1".

All customers who download the app will receive 10,000 MB of mobile data for the following month. 


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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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