Turkey is Very Important to Bulgaria, Tourism Minister Says

The Bulgarian Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, met with the Turkish ambassador to Bulgaria, Hasan Ulosoy. They discussed the relationship between the two countries and the future of their shared tourism industry.

Angelkova and Ulosoy discussed the establishment of a joint workgroup of experts from both countries that would organize events in Turkey and Bulgaria that aim to increase and popularize tourism. The initiative will likely start during autumn. Angelkova and Ulusoy also expressed hopes that the upcoming “International Congress of World Civilizations and Creative Tourism” will help experts from both countries improve their work.

Angelkova said that Turkey’s business is incredibly important for Bulgaria, taking the second place for incoming tourism for the first trimester of 2018. As the countries are fairly close, and both have a strong tourism industry, both Bulgarians and Turks often visit their neighbor on vacations. 11 million people visited Bulgaria in 2017, and 94 811 of them came from Turkey.

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Alex Dimchev

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