UK Wishes to Continue Relations Between Bulgarian and British Law Enforcement Post-Brexit

The law enforcement cooperation between Bulgaria and Britain will continue after Brexit according to the British Ambassador to Bulgaria, Emma Hopkins. The information was released after a meeting between Hopkins and the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Hopkins is quoted as saying: “In the past year, we had many operations against the production of illegal cigarettes, human trafficking, and arms, and we have good results. Thanks to these operations we saved tens of millions of pounds to Britain, so I’m very grateful to the Bulgarian administration.” Boyko Borisov also commented on the cigarette problem.

The first enforcement cooperation between Bulgaria and Britain started 15 years ago and will continue after Brexit is carried out. By the end of the month, the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs will gather all ambassadors in a meeting about the protection of the external border of the EU – the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Other issues will also be discussed in the meeting, mainly the protection of foreign tourists on the Black Sea coastline.

Image is a still captured from video posted by UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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