10 billion for the Balkan Infrastructure

The EU to finance the construction of a 10 billion euro infrastructure in the Balkans was discussed at the Summit in Sofia. This was announced by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. This was made clear by his words at a press conference at the summit in Sofia.

"I made a proposal of 10 billion euros for new investments in the construction of highways, railways and digital infrastructure," said Tajani.
He specified that each country wants full membership in the EU and works in the right direction, but all EU rules must be respected.

After the meeting, the Sofia Program for the Western Balkans, which includes all infrastructure projects with deadlines and funding, has to be announced. According to preliminary estimates, all projects are worth 30 billion euros. Part of the funding will be through the European budget and another through World Bank loans.

Tajani's main problems have highlighted illegal migration and terrorism. He noted that in Europe they support moderate Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but added that there are also many jihadists from other countries.

The President of the European Parliament commented that Serbia and Montenegro are making efforts in the right direction and can join the Union by 2025.

He insisted that the Western Balkans are a European region, and all euro-elites understand its importance.

"We do not stand as an obstacle, but we are helping to move in the European direction - against corruption, the rule of law, freedom of the media," the EP President concluded.

"With Macedonia, there are already open negotiations, but I also have to say that it is valid for both Serbia and Montenegro," Tajani said. Asked about the name of Macedonia, he replied that this was not within his authority.

Bilyana Ninova

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