EU-Western Balkans Summit Assessment by Host Boyko Borisov

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria and host of the EU-Western Balkans summit, Boyko Borisov, commented on the result from the meeting.

Borisov was quoted by the Focus news agency. He claimed that the summit had a large effect on its participants:

“Everyone left the meeting of the top brass of the EU-Western Balkans with [new] things on their mind.”

Borisov also said: “I want to apologize to Sofians for the monstrous traffic, but I don’t know if there ever were so many prime ministers, presidents, chancers, bankers [in the city]. I thank to everyone that came, and to the Big Three [the heads of France, Germany, Italy]. This is respectful to the Bulgarian people. It’s high time for everyone in Bulgaria to understand that this presidency is of Bulgaria and that when it is successful, Bulgaria is also successful. We had a very good and honest discussion.”

Borisov underlined one specific moment of the summit: “The walk on the Lovers’ Bridge made by Merkel, Macron, and Theresa May was very symbolic. It became clear to everyone that the problems that we have with the large geopolitical players in the world can only be solved if the EU is so unified that not even a piece of paper can pass between us.” 

 Picture source: Boyko Borisov's Facebook page


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