Donald Tusk: No Future Without the EU for the West Balkans

“The EU is and always will be the most dependent partner of the Western Balkans” according to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

During the EU-Western Balkans summit, Donald Tusk claimed the Western Balkans can’t proceed into the future without the EU.

“There’s no plan B, there’s no other alternative.” The EC President thanked Bulgaria’s PM and host of the summit Boyko Borisov and his team, saying he was impressed with his efficiency and described the summit as fruitful:

“This is the best illustration of how the integration of the Western Balkans is the ultimate priority of the EU.”

Tusk also revealed the points discussed during the summit: “We discussed how to improve the Western Balkans. The package deals that we just signed were a new initiative for cooperation.”

The EC President also commented on the situation surrounding the Iran deal, claiming the EU will continue to uphold it if Iran does so as well.

The EU-Western Balkans took place today and aimed to improve the relationship with the non-EU member states from the region, mainly Serbia and Macedonia.

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