Pessimism About Bulgaria's Future and Disappointment with the Government

A study by "Median" reveals that 54% of people support the construction of the second nuclear power plant "Belene". At the same time, 14% are against it and 32% cannot make up their mind. 

The study took place between May 9th and 14th. 1001 participants over 18 years of age took part in the face-to-face research.

Pessimism about Bulgaria's future and disappointment with the government are still the main tendencies in societal opinions. However, their rates have dropped by 4% during the last two months. The reason is Bulgaria's Presidency of the Council of the EU and the hopes that Bulgaria might be able to derive some sort of advantages for its well-being from this.

When it comes to the sensitive subject of the Skripal poisoning, only 5% believe that Bulgaria should have also kicked out our Russian diplomats. Despite certain doubts and overall pessimism, only 26% want a snap election while 46% would prefer that the current government finishes its 4-year term. 

To the question: "If parliamentary elections were taking place today, who would you vote for?", 25.8% of the people pointed to  GERB - the current governing party. Another 22.6% said they would vote for the Bulgarian socialist party. GERB's coalition partners the United Patriots would only get as much as 6.7%. 

The study also found that if President Rumen Radev had his own political party it would accumulate as much as 36.7% of the popular vote. Apart from that, 30.4% of people say they would vote for a party lead by the popular talk show host - Slavi Trifonov, who is currently working on his own political project. 

The most popular politician in Bulgaria is the President himself with 67% approval - this marks a 3% increase for the last two months. The mayor of Sofia takes the second place with 55% approval and the Prime Minister is 14% behind her. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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