Macedonia's PM: 12% Increase in Trade With Bulgaria

Macedonia’s Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, commented on the state of the naming dispute between his country and Greece, saying there was a lot of progress being made.

“Macedonia has become a place of geopolitical interest,” said Zaev during the “Democracy that gives results” conference. The event was organized by the “Center for investigating democracy” and is part of the program prior to the meeting of EU leaders in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Zaev is quoted as saying that the name negotiations with Greece are at a very late stage. He and the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, will meet tomorrow to further discuss the issue. The much-awaited meeting will undoubtedly prove important for solving the diplomatic issue.

Macedonia’s PM looked back at the declaration of cooperation with Bulgaria and pointed to a 12% increase in trade between the two countries. Zaev also said that 75% of Macedonians support their country joining the EU and NATO.

“We share the same values. Our ambitions for this year are to be invited to join NATO and to start negotiating with the EU. We are encouraged by the strategy of the EU for its expansion. We are also encouraged by the open policy of NATO. The Euro-Atlantic integration can also be a stimulus for economic growth.”

Recently, the Macedonian magazine “Fokus” ran an edition proposing for the forming of a federation of Macedonia and Bulgaria.


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