End of the Rescue Mission for Boyan Petrov

45-year-old Boyan Petrov disappeared on May 3rd while climbing Mount Shisha Pangma in the Himalayas. After conquering this peak, the Bulgarian mountaineer was to head to Everest. Petrov's goal was to conquer the Himalayan crown - all 14 of the "eight-thousanders". So far, only 39 mountaineers have achieved this. The number of mountaineers who achieved this feat with no additional oxygen or Sherpa, is to only 19. Boyan Petrov wanted to be the 20th.

After many days of searching and two weeks in disarray, Boyan Petrov was never found. According to climbers, he may have fallen into a crack on the way to the top.

Today the rescue mission was ended. In one last attempt, this morning, the last helicopter flew from Kathmandu airport to Shisha Pangma peak. Chinese rescuers also searched in the Camp 1 area, expecting to continue to Camp 2, but nothing was found. 

"Unfortunately, we did not find Boyan, but we can now leave knowing that everything was tried, especially thanks to Boyan's 10 friends, who yesterday funded this flight directly, to the incredible group and organization of China, and the bold pilots of Simrikair, as well as all the Bulgarians, people and institutions that helped to make it happen! God forgive Boyan!" Cyril Petkov wrote this on Facebook from the Bulgarian climbing team.

"For me, it was a battle between me and the mountain - she wanted him for herself, and I wanted him for me, and we did not stop to play this game, we are too small to be able to argue with her. I'm not mad at the mountain, "said Boyan Petrov's wife yesterday.

"I learned from Maria Ilieva in a conversation on my satellite phone about the disappearance of Boyan Petrov on 13.05 after I left camp 2. At first, I did not believe it and I needed some time to assimilate what she was talking about. After understanding how long he was missing, I began to realize what was happening, and I understood that they had hidden this information from me so as not to bother me during my attack on Cho Oyo, " Those were the words of Anton Scatov, another Bulgarian mountaineer, who conquered the Cho Oyo peak last week. He says that Boyan Petrov is the man who inspired him.

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