Do Bulgarians Believe in Superstitions?

Do Bulgarian people believe in superstitions, conspiracy theories and strange believes?

If you ask anyone on the Bulgarian streets they will probably tell you that we are the most superstitious people on the planet. We knock on wood, we don’t go under ladders and if for some reason a black cat crosses our path, there is a serious possibility we will be late for work.

Even though some of these beliefs are part of our culture, a recent survey published by Trend shows that few people follow them.

73% of Bulgarians report that they knock on wood to protect themselves against misfortune, while only 24% don't. On the other hand, only 12% say they throw salt for luck, while 84% do not. Here, of course, the percentage is lower because people aren't likely to have salt in hand, while being close to a tree or a wooden object is much more likely. Another superstition against bad luck is to wear a read thread, concerning this, only 35% of Bulgarians indicated that they do wear a red thread and the data also showed that the share of women (49%) who do it is significantly higher than that of men (21%).

Just over a third of Bulgarians believe that Friday the 13th brings misfortune. For the black cat superstition, the ratio of believers to non-believers is similiar to that of the Friday the 13th superstition, with 60% not believing. A little over one-third of Bulgarians believe that a broken mirror brings misery, and people with lower levels of education are reportedly more likely to believe rather than those with higher education.

The data is quite different when it comes to the belief in the sueprnatural abilities of people. This can be explained by the Orthodox religion which is the official religion in Bulgaria. According to it, there are many people who are given the strength and abilities to cure and help others. For example, 75% of Bulgarians believe in Vanga's prophetic abilities. There is no particular dynamic among different demographic groups and it is noteworthy that even among people in the youngest age group (18-29) a large proportion of them (63%) believe in Vanga's capabilities. 63% of Bulgarians believe in the existence of people with supernatural abilities and a little over two-thirds believe in the existence of people who have the ability to predict the future. Just over one half of Bulgarians believe that there are people who can treat ailments with supernatural abilities. The opinion of Bulgarians regarding the belief in spells is blurred.

The survey also tested different world conspiracies. 40% of Bulgarians believe in the existence of a secret society that governs the world. Less than half of people with higher education share this view. On the attitudes towards the conspiracy of whether there is an artificial creation of disease to sell new drugs - 66% said they believed it.

So in conclusion, we can say that Bulgarian people are superstitious in their beliefs and have some strong opinions on world events and conspiracy theories. Also, it can be stated that the more educated a person is, the less likely they are to believe in something that brings bad luck or misfortune, so in the future those superstitions will start to fade and eventually be forgotten, but until then - don’t hesitate to knock on a wood and don’t be surprised by some other strange customs that Bulgarian people have.  

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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