Serbian Minister of Interior: 2900 Migrants in Serbia

The Serbian Minister of Interior, Nebojša Stefanović, revealed that Serbia has 2900 migrants on its soil, saying this is the smallest amount since the beginning of the migrant crisis.

The minister also claimed that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s decision to close off its borders to migrants will not affect Serbia. He’s quoted as saying: “In the last several years, we are carefully following everything related to the migrants – every wave, every change of the EU-Turkey track, not just the ones that pass through the Western Balkans, but also those that pass through the Mediterranean.” 

Stefanović assured that Serbia will continue its cooperation with other Balkan nations to solve the migrant problems.

Bulgaria also reported a decrease in the levels of migrants. It seems like the problem is slowing down, but it's unknown if they will continue to stay that way. Unregulated migration from the third world remains a hot topic in most developed countries.

Image source: Wikipedia

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