Nestle Bulgaria to Lower Their Resource Consumption

Nestle Bulgaria plans to continue decreasing its use of natural resources and improve the quality of their products. reported about Nestle Bulgaria’s lowering of electricity and water consumption. Their factories in Bulgaria have reportedly used 15% less power in the last 6 years, the same amount used by 1200 standard Bulgarian families. For 2018, Nestle plans to have a 2% decrease.

Since 2014, Nestle Bulgaria reportedly doesn’t dump its waste in landfills, instead opting to recycle or reuse their waste as fuel. Emmanuel Artur, the manager of Nestle Bulgaria, said that his company plans to recycle 100% of their packaging.

Another campaign by the Swiss food processor aims to improve the dietary habits of 50 million children worldwide by 2030. 500 thousand of those children are located in Bulgaria. Indeed, Bulgarian children are reportedly the fifth fattest in Europe.

Currently, food corporations are experiencing a bad reputation in Bulgaria. It was revealed that many big-name companies have a double standard in quality when it comes to different regions, and Bulgaria received worse products at higher prices.


Alex Dimchev

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