Boyko Borisov and Google’s “Digital garage Bulgaria”

Bulgaria’s PM, Boyko Borisov, commented on the topic of improving Bulgaria's education with digital technology. During the opening of Google’s “Digital garage Bulgaria,” Borisov said that many kids entered school for the first time in 2017: “Last year, we managed to get 22 thousand kids into the classroom who have never set foot in one. This year, we’ll educate them on digital knowledge. We decided to make a double increase in the teacher’s wages, we got over 700 million leva into the educational structure. We can’t even help it but go digital. Even our school books are now on an electronic carrier. In the next year, as President Macron said,  we must all move at the same speed.”

The PM jabbed at the use of physical schoolbooks, saying: “We are writing on paper and sending each other letters when that can actually happen in a manner of seconds.” Borisov also stated that he’s certain Bulgaria will soon become a regional leader in tech, but that will not happen without major changes in education. “Bulgaria has a tradition in that field, starting with John Atanasoff. We must watch out so Google doesn’t steal our cadres, we must create the conditions and payment so the young stay here.”

Google’s campaign aims to spread digital education to 1 million Europeans. As of today, they have educated 26,000 Bulgarians. Bulgaria’s teacher’s syndicate demanded an 18% increase in their salaries as early as October 2018 in order to combat the rapidly ageing staff in schools.

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