Danube Letters Are Supposed to Be Among the Most Ancient Ones

Danube script - what some explorers are calling the oldest writing in the world.

It was created by a highly developed and ideologically advanced society that combined innovations in metallurgy, city planning, architecture and cultural achievements. The earliest artifacts from this society are related to the end of 6th millennium BC when the culture Starchevo, Krish, and Karanovo I developed. It flourished until the end of 4th millennium BC and gradually spread to the Great Hungarian Plain, the Adriatic sea, Macedonia and Thessaly and even Ukraine.

The original forms of the Danubian writing developed from the earlier decorative parts.

One of the most popular examples of it is the table of Gradeshnitsa, Bulgaria, dated from the end of Neolitus, the sigillum from Karanovo, Bulgaria and the tables from Tataria, Romania. The evidence gathered by different researchers counts more than five thousands signs.

According to the theories of many scholars, the earliest signs and possibly letters were able to express complicated emotions, feelings, and ideas. Unfortunately, according to the archaeologists and historians, the end of the earliest Danubian civilization was put because of the ecological crisis at the end of 4th millennium BC. After a time gap (hiatus) the arrival of a new population caused the disappearance of the earlier writing.

Bilyana Ninova

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