Razboishte Monastery

There are many wonderful places to be visited around Bulgaria and this one is close to the capital - Sofia.

Among them, monasteries possess a significant place. One the most interesting is the Razboishte Monastery located in the gorge of Nishava river near the Razboishte village. The monastery is in the vicinity of the town of Godech in the skirts of Stara Planina near the Bulgarian-Serbian border.

In order to reach the monastery you can drive to Godech and after that continue on the road to Dragoman.

Around five kilometres after Godech there is an exit for the villages of Tuden and Razboishte. You need to drive to Razboishte village, then to go straight through the settlement and after it, you will reach a nice field suitable for parking your vehicle. From the parking lot, there is a well-labelled path to the monastery. The path is around 1300 meters. There is the second route to the monastery through the villages of Berende izvor and Cheparlyantsi. The road there is a dirt one and is suitable for a car in good and dry weather.

There is no clear information for the founding of the monastery but according to the historians, the tradition of monasticism in the region is an ancient one - even from the 6th century. Scholars think that even in the Medieval Ages the caves around the contemporary monastery were inhabited by monks and hermits - there is a hypothesis that the first buildings in the region should be from 13-14th centuries. The monastery that could be visited today was established during the Bulgarian National Revival. According to the preserved accounts, the monastery was destroyed three times and once even the monks were killed by the attackers. Another legend talks about the time spent there by Vasil Levski and father Matey Preobrazhenski. In the area around the monastery battles from the Serbian-Bulgarian war were done.

Half of the 20th century the monastery is deserted but in the second half of the century, it is home to some nuns. Nowadays a priest and the local community are taking care of the monastery. The lodging parts and the refectory were built in 1861. The church “Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary” is built in the rocks above the monastery. There some preserved frescoes from 16-17th centuries.

In the vicinity of Razboishte Monastery are Dracul river and the Bukorovski Monastery.

Along the valley of Dracul river, you can see the cave with the same name and the natural phenomenon “Kotlite” Waterfall (The Cauldrons). Interesting fact for the Bukorovski Monastery is that it is the only monastery in Bulgaria with five churches.

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