Facebook “calms down” Brussels that the Personal Data of “only” 2.7 millions Europeans leaked

With a special letter to the European Commission, Facebook confirmed that around 2.7 million people in European Union were affected by the Personal Data abuse because of the Cambridge Analytica case.

This is what a speaker of the company announced. Next week there will be a new round of the talks between representatives of the European Commission and Facebook for the consequences of the leak. The meeting will deal with the new regulations for Personal Data in European Union and also topics that are related to the democracy.

The speaker of the European Commission added that from May 25, in European Union are valid additional rules according to which in case of violation of the Personal Data retention requirements companies may be fined up to four percents of their worldwide annual turnover.

In case of any violation, companies will be required to inform the customers up to 72 hours after the issue.

Also, from the beginning of the next month companies in European Union that are dealing with Personal Data will have to receive the explicit consent of their customers in order to collect their Personal Data. This collection should be accompanied by a clearly defined goal of the collection and explanation if the data will be given to a third party.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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