Only One Armed Guard in the Way of Prison Break

There was only one armed guard in Sofia prison during the escape of Vladimir Stefanov and Radoslav Kolev. The guard was located at the main entrance of the prison and was quickly defeated by the two fugitives.

The information was released by the Minister of Justice, Tsetska Tsacheva, who said in an interview with bTV: “The only armed post is on the barrier. The worker who sees them exiting from the inside door, he walks to them. They knock him down. He chases after them, pulls out his weapon, but the area is full of cars, citizens.” There were also other guards that were completely unarmed, no guns, no batons.

Perhaps the most shocking part of the entire story is the fact Stefanov and Kolev were known to plot an escape well in advance. They were punished for smuggling mobile phones into the prison, but that wasn’t enough to prepare the Sofian prison authorities to prevent the escape.

The incident cost several people their jobs, including the head of the Main Directory for Enforcement of Penalties, Svilen Tsvetanov, and the head of the Sofia prison itself, Petar Krastev. The Minister of Justice herself said that if her resignation from the post is demanded by the Prime Minister, she will do it, as the escape showed a gross incompetence of the Sofia prison staff.

Sofia’s Prison will be examined more closely and new security measures will be implemented. But, as some politicians said, “Cases of escape from prison have always happened, as we start from the time of the Count of Monte Cristo and reach the strictly guarded “Alcatraz.” The fugitives haven’t been apprehended yet. Let's hope that they don’t resurface with new names and wealth to seek revenge on those that put them behind bars. Do we need more guns in prison?

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