Architect Claims Bulgarians Want Big Apartments in Tall Buildings

A Bulgarian architect working on the country’s tallest building called Sky Fort commented on what Bulgarians will look for in an apartment for the next 10 years.

 Architect Angel Zahariev claims that up until recently, Bulgarians preferred smaller apartments, but that trend is going to change. “Families are searching for larger apartments on mass – 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. This standard appeared in the USA 80 years ago. Now it's our time.” According to him, Bulgarians will also want a second closet in 10 years time.

With the reported jump in the income of Bulgarians, Zahariev comments that people want to live up to the lifestyle portrayed in reality shows like “Master Chef,” where contestants cook elaborate dishes in giant, flashy kitchens.

Zahariev also predicts a coming of suburbia into Bulgaria. As of now, there are no such neighbourhoods in the country, as people are too poor and land is too expensive.

Sofia is experiencing a large construction boom, with 1 million m² by 2017. While many predict the flash and glamour we only saw on American TV programs will come to Bulgaria, many citizens are unhappy with the building of big skyscrapers. 

(Source of interview: 24chasa)

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