Bulgarian and Croatian Presidents Comment on the Skripal Case

After the Bulgarian government announced it will not oust Russian diplomats like many other EU nations, the President of Bulgaria said that there must be “clear and irrefutable” evidence of Russian involvement in the Sergei Skripal poisoning in order to determine the Bulgarian government’s next move on the issue.

“Bulgaria is chairing the Council of the European Union and as such, it must conduct a policy of dialogue and balance. We are seeing that such positions were taken by Austria, the next head of the EU Council. I want to point out that Bulgaria is a loyal ally to the unions in which it’s a part of – the EU and NATO, but those are unions that are founded on very clear values, one of those values is transparency.” Those were the words spoken by President Rumen Radev during a joint press conference with Croatia’s President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

While the Croatian head of state called for solidarity with the UK in the poisoning case, she also called for dialogue with Russia, as the RF is a world power.

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Alex Dimchev

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