Bulgarian-Alphabet-Shaped Benches to Help Sofians Re-Discover Quiet Reading Spots

The "Hidden letters" project is an amazing initiative by the "Read Sofia" foundation. Benches in the shape of letters from the Cyrilic alphabet are going to be spread throughout the central parts of Sofia - in various parks, gardens and small closed yards. The 12 benches are supposed to be installed on May 22nd. 

The idea and the design come from the artist Kiril Zlatkov but the project achieved its final form thanks to the Bulgarian Presidency of the EC. The project was made possible thanks to Todora Radeva and the WhATA architect Aneta Vasileva. The letters - Б, Д, Ж, З, И, Й, Ц, Ч, Ш, Щ, Ъ, ь, Ю, Я were chosen for this project because they are exclusively present in the Cyrilic alphabet and do not exist in alphabets such as the Latin or Greek ones. 

Each bench will go hand in hand with a poem dedicated to or somehow relating to the letter the shape of which the bench has. The poets whose poems are going to be used are - Mirela Ivanova, Georgi Gospodinov, Sylvia Choleva, Tzoco Boyadzhiev, Nadezhda Radulova, Ivan Lancev, Marin Bodakov, Krasimira Jisova, Stefan Ivanov, Maria Kalinova, Petar Chouhov, Galina Nikolova, Nikola Petrov and Anna Lazarova.

The "Hidden letters" will appear May 22nd and the road to them will be available through an online map. Apart from that, the organizers foresee a couple of walks throughout Sofia that are supposed to inform people of some less known stories about Sofia and its literary history. On May 2nd there will be a discussion in the "House for literature and translation" where Jan Paul Hinrichs is going to talk about literature and its effect on the cities. It is a well-known fact that literature can cast a halo upon a city. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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