Gallup Int: 53% of Bulgarians Satisfied With Their Salary

53% of Bulgarians are reportedly content with their work quality and salaries. The data comes from Gallup Int.

The survey took place between 13 and 22 of April, 2018 and spanned 817 people using the face-to-face method. It was found that 43% of the interviewed are satisfied with their job, 18% weren’t, 19% were unemployed, but liked their previous jobs, 10% were also unemployed and disliked their work experience until now.

According to Gallup, the most satisfied workers were people with higher degrees of education, as well as older people.

53% were satisfied with the amount of money they were getting for their work, while 44% weren’t. 58% had a positive assessment of their bosses, 24% did not, 14% don’t have any employers, and 5% were undecided.

The trademark Bulgarian pessimism seems to have a decrease but continues to be prevalent. 20% except for an increase in unemployment. The Gallup study informs us that the usual number is around 40% and the highest was 70% around the time of the economic recession. Now, 47% expect the unemployment to stay at the same levels.

The economic prognosis of the government and experts are more optimistic than those of average Bulgarians. The Social Minister predicts increases in salaries.

Alex Dimchev

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