Bulgaria Brings Electronic Textbooks to Students Grade 1-7

The Minister of Education, Krasimir Valchev, promised that textbooks in electronic format will be available to all children from 1-7th grade.

“I hope that tomorrow the Ministry Council will approve the changes of free usage of textbooks in a readable electronic form. Those will be electronic variants that will be identical to the paper ones. I guess that in a matter of one month there will be electronic variants delivered by 95% of textbooks. It’s possible that this will happen earlier.”

This change will certainly help the problem with the heavy backpacks if Bulgarian students and schools are ready to adopt this new method of education. However, the reform mostly aims to assist the kids and schools that can’t afford to purchase newly printed school textbooks and additional educational materials.

According to the minister, the small and remote schools will be relieved by the electronic textbooks. The minister also commented that the educational system is trying to fight the deficit of specialists in pretty much all fields, “The young people that enter the workforce are just two-thirds of the people that exit it. This deficit is heaviest in the technical fields, as well as the tourism sector that grows and demands more workers and there are new positions. We are trying to restructure the entrance in the educational system, to point more children towards professional education with additional entrances and scholarships, as well as in the higher education.”

And while the educational solution may help to create new specialists, at least on paper, some are suggesting fighting this deficit by importing selective migrant workers and encouraging the higher birth rates of the dying nation known as Bulgaria. The plan of making the entrance into the higher education centres in Bulgaria easier may sound good on paper, but when have lower requirements and criteria every increased the quality of a given specialist?

According to a recent study by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, by 2040 Bulgarians will drop to 5.7 million, and due to the larger lifespan of today’s population, many of these Bulgarians will be elderly people.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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