A Catastrophe With Bulgarian tourists in Serbia, Three Were Injured

Three Bulgarian citizens were injured after their bus crashed in Serbia. Fortunately none of them have fatal wounds, according to the Foreign Ministry.

At 9:15 yesterday morning, a bus containing Bulgarian tourists crashed on the Nis-Belgrade highway. The Bulgarian tourists were travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina, using transportation provided by the Burgas tourist company "Evelin-R". The bus was transporting 19 people in total, 17 of which were passengers. As a result of the accident, 13 passengers were injured. All of them were admitted to the hospital in Chupriya and received medical assistance. After examinations, 10 of the passengers were released, and three remained in the orthopaedic ward.

The Bulgarian ambassador to Belgrade, Radko Vlaikov, visited the injured passengers in the hospital, and the consul Georgi Hristov was also there and is in contact with them and the team treating them, the ministry assured.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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