Serb Criminal Sentenced for the Murder of Arkan Killed in South Africa

Milan Đuričić, one of the men that were involved in the murder of Željko Ražnatović (better known as Arkan), was allegedly shot in Johannesburg, South Africa. The man held a fake Belgian passport but is presumed to be Đuričić. Interpol is still investigating the case.

In 2006, Milan Đuričić was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Arkan. The assassination happened in early 2000, prior to Ražnatović’s planned arrest for his alleged crimes during the Yugoslav wars. Milan Đuričić was part of the Zemun Clan, a criminal organization that was also responsible for the assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić in 2003.

According to some sources, the murder of Milan Đuričić was related to a criminal territory dispute involving drug and human trafficking. Đuričić was driving in a jeep when 3 armed men reportedly jumped out of a nearby vehicle and executed him. Serbian media outlets claim that Đuričić lived in South Africa for 3 years, used the nickname Debeli Miki or Fat Miki, and had business there.

Arkan's murder is still a mystery, with many parties being involved and suspected - from the Serbian government and the mafia, to the White House.

Alex Dimchev

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