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New in the city? Different language, different culture and those endless, and impossible to fill, documentation. Why deal with all this when there are people to help you? City Slickers are young and very friendly enthusiasts who will provide you will all the necessary information and support you need, while you do what you came here for in the first place - the beautiful city, the nightlife, the peace and quiet or this wonderful new job you just got.

Here is what City Slickers told us about their work and the services they offer:

What was your inspiration to start? What was the main idea behind your business plan?

Over the past few years, our work made us connect with many foreigners who have decided to live permanently in Bulgaria. Many of them have become our friends. We started helping them with small services and information. We did not like that in many places they were trying to take advantage of them just because they were not here or did not speak the language well. That is why we always gave them advice that we ourselves would follow. Many of them paid rent that did not match the market and the dwelling they were living in, or they were often neglected in their work just because they do not speak Bulgarian and are not familiar with their situation and their legal rights. Over time, we realized that we are helping not only our friends but also other foreigners in their environment. We have taken this as a good indicator that the market needs this kind of service, and we have to think of something.

Where does the name of your company come from?

They often ask us where our name comes from. In fact, “city slicker” is a person who is accustomed to the urban environment to such an extent that he does not feel comfortable outside of it. With our name, we aim to show that we are the most appropriate choice for the specific service we offer because we know the city and the life in it extremely well.

Tell us about your project and the services you offer.

We aim to be the organization that foreigners who remain permanently in Sofia (and the country) use to facilitate their stay and integration. We strive to provide one-stop complex services related to their relocation, finding an apartment, providing information, orientation in the city, helping with communication with state and private institutions, creating new social contacts and more. It turns out that passing through the state administration is the most difficult step in the relocation in Bulgaria. The reason for this is probably the language barrier. These are precisely the services we provide most often, along with finding housing.

What about your clients? What was the most common reason for them to come to Bulgaria?

At the very beginning of the project, we hoped that the nature of the work would meet us with many different people, but we did not even imagine we would hear so many colourful stories. Quite naturally, we were curious about what makes our customers migrating from countries with a higher standard of living to choose Bulgaria. Surprisingly, we found that many of them visited our country as tourists, but the way of life here so much pleased them, they just decided to settle permanently. They often add that what they like is peace and security, nature, the great food, and the nightlife. Last but not least, it turns out that they can achieve a higher standard of living here than that of their native country.

Are you positive about the future? Not only for your business but for Bulgaria?

We are happy with the constantly increasing number of foreigners in Bulgaria because we believe that they can change our point of view and give us a new perspective (not only to us personally but also to the Bulgarians in general). It is interesting to see the city or the world (and why not yourself) through the eyes of someone who comes from a completely different culture and environment. In addition, we believe that diversity is a great thing and it is a prerequisite for the development of interesting events, ideas and innovations.

You can find more about City Slickers and their services on their website -

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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