Anti-Drunk Driving Police Operation Near Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

A specialized police operation against drunk driving was conducted near Sunny Beach.

The Police Department in Nesebar filed 95 fines for drunk driving between April 17-24. 255 vehicles and 291 persons were checked up resulting in the fines. 3 of those drove after heavy drinking or drug use. The police also caught 5 drivers who didn’t have the mandatory insurance and 59 for other violations. 20 fines were filed for violation of the laws for personal identification papers. The details of the case were reported by

The Bulgarian government is doing a lot to improve the image of the country’s coastline, as the region is often seen as somewhat lawless. Recently, there have been many demolitions of tourist bars and hotels that violated their construction permits by exceeding their official size. Sunny Beach is one of, if not the most, famous resorts in Bulgaria, recently topping the Travel Money costs barometers for a cheap vacation.



Alex Dimchev

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