More than 2 Million Bulgarians Live in Severe Material Deprivation

About 30% of the Bulgarian population live in a serious risk of poverty, according to Eurostat analysis of the share of people in severe material deprivation in the EU in 2017.

The EU average percentage of people living in severe material deprivation is 6.7%. Depending on the population of the country, the figures show that approximately 2.5 million Bulgarians lived in material deprivations in 2010, while in 2017 their number was about 2.1 million or a decrease of 0.4 million people in Bulgaria, who have had serious material deprivations.

People living in deprivation are people who can not pay their bills without problems, keep their home warm, meet unexpected costs, have no access to a TV, car and telephone, and can not afford even a weekly rest.

"If we calculate the entire population of the Earth, we are certainly in the golden billion - the one billion that lives the best of all. This could also be the case for the average Indian because India is the fastest growing economy, "said Emil Harsev, a healthcare expert at the studio of "Hello Bulgaria". "Bulgaria has the fastest growth in earnings, wages and national wealth - 10 percent is last year's salary growth, more than 8 percent growth in earnings," he said.

According to current NSI data, the highest share of people in Bulgaria who live in serious risk of poverty or material deprivation is among Bulgarians aged 65 + - about 46 percent of our compatriots in this age category or close over 670 thousand people.

The lowest levels of material deprivation are recorded in the following Member States: Sweden (0.8%), Luxembourg (1.6%), Finland (2%) and the Netherlands (2.6%) according to European statistics data.

At the other end of the scale, the EU countries with the highest percentage of people in material deprivation are: Bulgaria - 30%, Greece - 21 %, Romania - 19,4 % and Hungary - 14,5 %, according to Eurostat data.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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