Boyko Borisov: Serbian EU Membership Should be Supported by Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania

Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania must do everything in their power to make Serbia a member of the European Union according to Boyko Borisov.

Bulgaria’s PM made this remark during a meeting between the leaders of the aforementioned countries in the “Viktoria” palace in Bucharest. Romania’s PMViorica Dăncilă hosted the meeting. Borisov elaborated on his statements, saying that if one Balkan country has a problem, all have a problem.

The premier said: “The goal is to develop the infrastructure of the region, the digital infrastructure, the connectivity, the two-sided relationships, as well as the increase in the economy of the Balkans. I am proud with the political elite in the Balkans.”

Borisov’s recent public activities have been largely tied to improving relations with the Western Balkans. He often calls for Balkan cooperation and peace, which prompted some media outlets to jokingly refer to him as “the peacemaker.”

Alex Dimchev

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