27-Year-Old Murder Mystery Restarted After Skeleton Discovery

A Bulgarian murder mystery got rekindled after 27 years. The skeletal remains of a woman that disappeared in 1991 were found in an elevator shaft in a large and formerly very busy hotel. The police are working on 3 possible version of the death, but they remain unknown.

This is a follow-up on one of the first stories reported by our site. At the end of August last year, a skeleton of a long-passed person was found. At the time when the article was written, there was no information on the body, but the gender of the deceased was quickly determined to be female due to the clothes and shoes she was wearing.

Now we know that the victim was the 31-year-old Rosica Dimova from Borovo, who was married and has one son. Her husband passed away 11 years ago, while the son is still alive. She suddenly disappeared on November 7, 1991. Sometime after her remains were recovered, a set of gloves and some dried up flowers were found near the body. Rosica’s mother, Shinka, had long given up hope that her child will turn up alive.

The mother said: “Somewhere around the 3rd year I still held hope that she may be alive from somewhere, but I gradually stopped believing. In the summer of the 27th year, the police came to my house and said the found a skeleton that’s probably my daughter Rosica.”

Shinka suspects Rosica’s boyfriend, a truck driver by the name of Velyo, with whom her daughter lived for 3-4 years leading to her death in Smolyan. Just prior to her death, Rosica called her mother and said she’ll return to her home village of Borovo. She didn’t. Shinka went to Rosica and Velyo's apartment in Smolyan to search for her daughter. The mother claims she knocked on the door, and that was someone inside that didn’t open or answer. According to her, it was Velyo. Shinka, however, isn’t hopeful that he’ll be brought to justice, or that he’s even alive and staying in Bulgaria.

“He did it. There’s nobody else that could’ve. He did what he did. Let him burn! He may not have acted alone, he may have gotten another man, but he’s involved. He was chasing after other women. Just prior to Rosi’s disappearance, he returned home with a black eye twice. I’ve begged her many times to dump him.”

Shinka also describes Velyo and Rosica’s relationship: “They lived together for 3-4 years on a familial basis [living together without being married] in Smolyan. They had a place. I forgot from which village he was from. He wasn’t a Christian like us. He said he had 3 brothers and 1 sister. He didn’t like to talk about himself. We knew he was married and he may have had children. I was thoroughly opposed to their relationship, but Lazar [Rosica’s husband] who loved Rosi very much, was convincing me to accept things as they are.”

After the disappearance, Shinka quit her job and went out to search for her missing daughter, speaking to everyone in the area. She never saw or heard of Velyo again. After her search failed, Shinka was offered work by a priest in the Cross Forrest Church. She worked there for 10 years. Now Shinka is 83 and has serious health problems: “I’m very sickly. I have high blood pressure. I can barely move. I can’t do almost anything by myself. I hope they return Rosi’s remains while I’m still alive.”

Shinka’s neighbor Dimitar Stanchev helps her out and talks to her. He doubts that the killer will be brought to justice after all this time. The Smolyan Court confirmed that the death was a violent one and that they work on 3 version of the case. We’ll update you if any new details are uncovered. Hopefully, we’ll see the killer brought to justice.

Source: 24chasa

Image of Hotel Smolyan: Google Street View

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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