Iraqi Woman Attempts to Enter Romania Using Passport Purchased in Bulgaria

A 31 year old Iraqi woman attempted to enter Romania yesterday (Friday 20th of April) using a British passport she bought in Bulgaria, the Romanian border police reported.

The passport was a genuine passport with the details of another individual, so it was likely a passport stolen from a British tourist in Bulgaria, or bought from a British person.

The lady allegedly was aiming to get to the United Kingdom in order to work, which seems like an even riskier proposition considering that borders would have to be crossed at least three times in order to reach the United Kingdom (once to Romania, once to Hungary, and then at the British channel). There is an international database for lost and stolen passports, which is generally speaking automatically checked, and the UK likely has it's own domestic databases.

She was caught by the Romanian border security as she attempted to drive through the Ruse/Giurgiu crossing between Bulgaria and Romania, and handed back for Bulgaria to deal with under the Bulgarian-Romanian border control protocol, where she will be investigated.

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