Proposed Bulgarian MP Salary Cuts Spark Debates

The proposal of BSP to decrease the salaries and vacation days of Bulgaria’s members of Parliament was met with some controversy, as many deemed the change a populist ploy that won’t actually achieve anything.

At the start of the new session of the Bulgarian National Assembly, the leader of the group BSP for Bulgaria, Korneliya Ninova, proposed to decrease the salary of the MPs from 3540 leva to 2976 leva. The proposal was called “cheap populism” by GERB.

It may not surprise most people that Bulgaria’s MPs have higher salaries than the average person. 3 times higher to be more exact, as the average wage is reported to be around 1000 leva. Combined with the rest of the extra income, perks, and paid leave MPs have, its fair to say that most Bulgarians would feel like these salaries are unfairly high.

A decrease, however, is oftentimes seen as a cynical PR move. The political scientist and former MP Mincho Hristov was interviewed on the topic, saying that people are sick of 600 leva increases followed by 500 leva cuts in MP salaries. “Are the MPs working well? Are they voting in criminal laws and texts? And what if the salaries are high, will that stop them from stealing? Why did Korneliya Ninova wait until now to make that proposition? I would put forth the issue of the criminally high party subsidies.”

Further, he added that MPs have the additional costs of service vehicles and paid leave. “Let them ride on public transportation, and not in paid service cars.”


Alex Dimchev

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