The NSAC Meets to Discuss the Current Threats and the State of the Army

President Rumen Radev convened on Thursday a consecutive meeting of the National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) on "Current risks and threats to security in Bulgaria and the state of the armed forces".

The reason for this was the increasingly complicated situation in Syria and the Balkans.

A day ago, Radev said he expects the meeting of the NSAC to discuss the measures taken by Bulgaria in connection with the current threats to national security. In his words, the collective security system and collective defense must not neglect the construction of our own defense capabilities.

The state of our defense system was also the subject of the first meeting of NSAC, held by Radev nearly a year ago. Then it was decided to speed up the modernization of the army, but that did not happen. In January this year, the subject went back to the KSCS, and it was then decided to prepare a new program to develop the defense capabilities of our armed forces by 2030.

Bulgaria has much-outdated equipment in areas such as the air-force, with pilots even refusing to fly the older Russian built MIG-29s.

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