Bulgarian President Meets With NATO Commander Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti

The President of Bulgaria and the former commander of the Bulgarian Air Force, Rumen Radev, said that the modernization and strengthening of Bulgaria’s army is something that needs to be done if Bulgaria wants to remain a reliable NATO ally.

This statement was made while Radev received the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO’s European forces, Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti. Radev said: “Bulgaria is actively participating in NATO’s initiatives and it must put the necessary efforts for modernizing its military strength in compliance with the standard of the Alliance.”Gen. Scaparrotti praised Bulgaria’s servicemen for their involvement in NATO’s missions. The country was part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The two military men agreed that Bulgaria must provide full assistance in building up Europe’s defense capabilities.

Recently, Radev’s commented on the bombing of Syria. He called the military effect of the strikes “negligible” and said that the situation is extremely dangerous, and that small human errors can have vast and catastrophic consequences for the entire world. Radev also gave a lecture in the University of National and World Economy, saying that Bulgaria would be marginalized on the world scene without NATO.

Picture from President.bg

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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