Karakachanov After the Strikes in Syria: No Threat for Bulgaria

“There is no threat for Bulgaria” said Karakachanov after the strikes in Syria. It was a preventive and warning strike, the military minister commented.

Minister of Defense of Bulgaria Krasimir Karakachanov assured that there is no imminent threat to Bulgaria because of the strikes in Syria. “What we saw during the night was a strike - a preventive and warning strike” he explained in front of bTV and added that there is no expectation at all for a ground operation.

“Most likely the Russians were warned in advance of which areas in Syria will be attacked”, commented Karakachanov.

According to his words, the strikes have ended and from now on the politicians and diplomats should act again. The signals from Bulgaria are for a peaceful solution of the problems at the negotiating table, shared his opinion the military minister.

He explained that the firm Bulgarian position is that we call for moderation and a search for dialogue.

“More than 120 missiles were launched against 3-4 sites in Syria. It is reported for about 11-12 shot down missiles. The percentage of caught missiles is small and it is indicating that only Syrian air defense has opposed, without the involvement of the Russian one. Such were the assurances from the Russian side. This shows that communication between Russia and the United States is very likely. Russia's moderate reaction shows that there was prior information between the two countries.” In such way, Karakachanov expressed his thoughts in front of NOVA tv.

The Bulgarian Minister of Defense added that at this moment there is no expectation for a migrant wave towards Bulgaria and there is no necessity for the Bulgarian armed forces to be brought to a special level of readiness.

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