Why You Should Always Have Some Cash While Travelling in Bulgaria

A few good reasons to have some spare change, or even more, when travelling through the roads of Bulgaria.

Do you remember how your mother used to tell you to dress well, keep warm, never talk to strangers, and always be polite with people? Well, only some of these will work when travelling in Bulgaria, but one will always save you. This one is the simplest of all rules – “Always have a few bucks in your pockets”. Because, as it is stated in the Serbian movie “Black Cat White Cat”, the Bulgarians say: “That which cannot be solved with money can be solved with a lot of money”.

The first reason why you should always have some physical manifestation of your credit balance while traversing the pathways of old Bulgaria is that most of its beauty hides in villages in the middle of nowhere. That should not be considered as an offence, as the lack of any serious pollution caused by industrialization, heavy construction or even electrification, has managed to preserve the natural beauty of these sites. No matter if you are travelling through a nature preserve in North Bulgaria, through the Rodhopi mountain to the south, or visiting the calmer seaside near small towns, having cash on you is always as a good idea, as you would rarely stumble on post terminals in such places.

The second good reason to have cash on your while travelling Bulgaria is, in no way expected, connected to small expenses and purchases. You liked a random souvenir you saw on the street, want to purchase a coffee from an original “klek shop” (squat shop), saw a grandma selling sunflower seeds on the street, and decided to unleash your inner squirrel. No matter what unexpected adventure comes your way, it would often time be connected with some purchases (mostly minor), where neither credit card, nor an ATM can come into play. Carpe Diem, but first, Carpe Withdrawdiem from your bank account and make that money useful.

Last, but not least, comes one of Bulgaria’s more controversial traditions. This can be perceived as an ancient ritual, which most of Europe has managed to eradicate from its premises, has burned all physical memories of it and tries to make its citizen forget it has ever existed. It considers practices so vile, that you would never miss hearing a Bulgarian explain how terrible it is, and how Western Europe has stopped following such practices for the better part of a few decades. This is, of course, the restroom fee. This diabolical machination of Lucifer himself will always ambush you in time of most dire need, and if you do not pull the spare changed needed to appease the 60-70-80-year-old guard at the temple of corporeal release, you will find yourself in a rather unpleasant situation.

These were a few good reasons why you should always carry cash with you while travelling through Bulgaria. Make sure to keep notes and always make sure you follow them, as you do not know when Bulgaria may decide to surprise you.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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