6 Dead After the Accident on Trakiya Highway

Six are the casualties and 22 more are injured and examined or hospitalized after the catastrophe of the bus of Union Ivkoni on the Burgas-Sofia bus line. These facts were officially announced by the Secretary of Ministry of Interior Mladen Marinov. He further explained that he is talking about people that were killed on the spot of the heavy crash.

The catastrophe happened on the 27th kilometer of Trakia Highway after the “Trayanovi Vrata” (The Gate of Trajan) before Ihtiman. A bus of Union Ivkoni that traveled from Burgas to Sofia and a car crashed.

Among the four people hospitalized in Pirogov Hospital, there is a child but it is in “a satisfactory condition” according to the words of the Executive Director of the hospital professor Asen Baltov. His lungs are about to be drained because it has thoracic and abdominal traumas.

In the regional hospital St. Anna there are 10 injured - 7 women and three men. Unfortunately, four of them are in critical condition and are placed in a shock room. They have differently combined traumas because of the bus stopping and hit after that. Three are in a good condition.

The incident was reported at 11:20 am at emergency number 112. Fourteen ambulances were dispatched from Elin Pelin, Ihtiman and Sofia.

At the scene of the incident Traffic Police set up an organization to provide a route for emergency teams.

One of the injured people told bTV that a car hit the one side of the bus. After that, the bus driver lost control of the bus and the vehicle entered the ditch. “The bus driver didn’t do anything to threaten us” explained the man. On the spot, one can see also a hit from one side Renault with a Pleven license plate. According to NOVA tv, this was the car that hit the bus. It is supposed that the driver was a woman. Mladen Marinov informed the journalists that both drivers have told their versions about the accident. The only sure thing was that there was a hit between the bus and the car.

In front of Focus Agency, the Director of Union Ivkoni Georgi Atanasov confirmed that one of their buses on the line Burgas-Sofia was hit by a car on the Trakia Highway and after that was pushed into the ditch. Atanasov specified that the bus traveled from Burgas to Sofia and departed early in the morning. He also explained that the driver is alive and is around 34 years old. According to Atanasov the bus was manufactured in August 2017 and was moving with around 93 km at the moment of the incident. He confirmed that according to their driver the car turned and hit the bus on the one side.

The government information service spread additional information. They announced the emergency departments of the Regional Hospital, Pirogov, and the Military Medical Academy are ready to accept the victims. There are corridors for the ambulances in order to be able to move extremely fast from the place of the accident to the hospitals. The Minister of Healthcare Kiril Ananiev visited the injured in the Regional Hospital. He expressed his condolences to the relatives of the dead persons and thanked the Emergency Assistance teams. The Minister of Interior Valentin Radev is traveling to the place following an order of the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

The traffic in the direction of Sofia was temporarily stopped. The column of vehicles is huge.

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