The President Calls the Consultative Council to Discuss National Security

The President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev has called once again the consultative council for national security. The initial subject of the meeting was supposed to be CEZ and Bulgaria's energy policies. However, due to the international political climate, the President has called the Council to discuss matters of national security. The announced subject is "Current risks and threats for the national security of Bulgaria. The condition of the armed forces. Needed measures." 

The President's initial intents were for the council to discuss energy and useful policies because what was going on in the country. He expressed those intentions on March 14th while visiting the Special Forces in Plovdiv. Back then, Radev explained that the meeting is supposed to happen during the second half of April and on March 20th Tsvetan Tsvetanov gave an exact date - April 24th and expressed his hopes that the CEZ deal gets thoroughly discussed and all speculations are put aside. In March, Radev was doubtful of the way Ginka Varbakova's "Inercom" managed to accumulate enough wealth to purchase CEZ without political protections or political approval. He also stated that the government has been getting information from competent institutions on the matter that wasn't accessible to him. 

What changed?

The Bulgarian Socialist Party insisted that an expert committee is established in the Parliament to look at all the paperwork and the details surrounding the CEZ deal. The committee was supposed to work for only a month and during one of its meeting on April 3rd, it was announced that the state of Bulgaria is no longer interested in taking part in the deal.  

The armament of the Bulgarian forces has always been present in one way or another during all three meetings of the Consultative Council during Radev's presidency. The first and the third meeting were on the national security of Bulgaria and of the EU, the second was on the matter of corruption but details from the first meeting were further discussed. On Wednesday, the President met with representatives of the weapon's industry to discuss challenges and perspectives in the sector. 

The situation in Syria and the inability of the Security Council of the UN to come to a consensus on how the organization should respond to it are also a factor for the President's decision to change the subject of the meeting. The date has also been changed - it is now scheduled for April 19th. On Monday, the President is expected to give a lecture on "Economical and exterior challenges for Bulgaria in 2018" in the University of National and World Economy. 



Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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