The Democratic Union to Fight the Establishment

Earlier today, the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, "Yes, Bulgaria" and The Greens announced their mutual project called "Democratic Bulgaria". The idea of this new union is to fight the establishment in the face of the governing party GERB. 

The three parties will allow non-members to join the union. The main concept is for "Democratic Bulgaria" to grow into a coalition, however, this can only happen before elections and with a special document issued by the Central Electoral Committee. Until then, the union is open for experts who want to help fight the current cabinet. Once it gets recognized as a coalition, "Democratic Bulgaria's" main goal will be to serve as an opposition to the current political elite. 

The leaders of the new union are going to be two - Hristo Ivanov - leader of "Yes, Bulgaria", as well as Atanas Atanasov - the leader of DSB. Atanasov claimed that the "right" has disappointed its voters by appearing in the last elections separately. For instance, "Yes, Bulgaria" only got 2.96% of all the votes - the legal barrier for parliamentary representation is 4%. Atanasov also criticized the cabinet for being inadequate and not realizing that Bulgaria is now part of NATO and the EU. 

The parties in the Union call themselves the democratic society of Bulgaria and believe that their policies will lead to a just electoral process, to less corruption and transparency. Yesterday, we reported on the Freedom House report on Bulgaria's democracy levels. Will the new democratic union be able to channel true democratic values and change the sad anti-democratic trend that Freedom house has noticed over the last 10 years? Time will tell. 

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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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