Is Bulgaria Building a Secret Refuge Camp?

Speculations and rumors of a secret construction of a refugee camp have circulated Bulgaria. The locals around the South-Eastern Bulgarian town of Sinemorets reported that a team of border-control experts investigated the area without saying why they were there.

The place that was inquired was the Palyokupata, an are between Sinemorets and Brodilovo. They are in the Strandzha mountain, in one of the South-Eastern areas of the country and close to the border with Turkey, a passing point for many migrants. The speculations are that this new camp will be constructed out of mobile houses. It’s so remote as to avoid the tensions between the Bulgarian population and the refugees. This center will probably be a transitional one.

The authorities will be able to accept or reject the refugees without having to transport them into mainland Bulgaria, keeping them close to the border with Turkey instead. The proposed location of this camp is less than  15 kilometers from the border.

Recently, a decrease of refugees has been reported by Bulgaria’s authorities. However, with the current talk of an escalation in Syria and even a potential WW3, the Bulgarian government is probably right to prepare for yet another humanitarian crisis. The authorities, however, have not confirmed the building of the new refugee camp.

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