Minister Tsetska Tsacheva Approved Method for a Contest for Notaries

The Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva approved today a procedure for conducting a competition for notaries in the country, the press office of the state officials announced.

The Ministry of Justice has published on its site a draft of an order (in its "Careers" section) for a contest for a total of 92 vacant jobs for notaries in different jurisdictions in the country.

This procedure started after an analysis by the Ministry of Justice of the remaining vacant places for notaries after the 2014 competition was launched. Reasons for the procedure are also an analysis of vacancies in judicial districts due to the relocation of notaries under the conditions of Art. 34b of the Notaries and Notary Act, and due to the loss of legal capacity.

The filling of vacant job places for notaries aims at their even distribution on the territory of the country, the creation of appropriate conditions for providing notary services to citizens and legal entities and the prevention of unfair competition between notaries.

On the grounds of Article 66 of the Administrative Procedure Code, all interested persons and organizations may submit written proposals and objections to the prepared procedure for conducting a contest within one month after the issue of the draft order.

Written submissions and objections should be deposited within the specified time period in the Ministry's records office in the building at 1, Slavyanska Street or by post to Sofia, 1, Slavianska Str.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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