53% of Bulgarians Think WW3 Will Happen Soon

More than half of Bulgarians think that the danger of another world war in the near future is real, a small part of those are also predicting the use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction in that potential war.

Gallup International conducted a study between April 3 and 4, spanning 801 Bulgarians. According to that data, 2.9 million Bulgarians are expecting a global conflict to occur soon, while 1.9 million hold the similar, but soften stance that it will probably happen.

6% are of the opinion nuclear bombs will be used during this world war and 28% think it's likely but aren’t certain. Still, 66% are skeptical of nukes being used, while the other are either excluding the option altogether or highly doubt it.

 Gallup also reports that Bulgarians approve the balanced foreign policy of our country, and more specifically of its Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. One sign of that policy was his refusal to oust Russian diplomats after the Skripal case. 30%, however, think Borisov is not doing a very good job in foreign policy.

One of Bulgaria’s neighbors, Turkey, has exhibited some troubling signs. The President urged Borisov to confront Turkey’s President Recep Erdoğan for Turkish meddling in Bulgarian politics. Gallup asked whether Bulgaria should negotiate with the Erdoğan government or not. 62% thought Bulgaria should use diplomacy, while 33% think its pointless.

One thing that most Bulgarians agree on is the fact our country should continue prosecuting corruption, with 93% approving the recent actions taken by the legal system. 71% approve Valery Simeonov’s plan of limiting gambling advertisements, especially those aimed at children. It's worth to note that Bulgaria’s gambling outlets have very large and aggressive marketing strategies, and its understandable that Bulgarians are sick of them. Gallup calls this a “radical position” in their report, so it seems like Bulgarians are radical in their dislike of gambling promotion.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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