Former Bulgarian President Criticizes the His Successor Rumen Radev for a Pro-Russian Speech During Liberation Day

The former president of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev accused his current successor Rumen Radev of manipulating history by only mentioning the bravery of the Russian troop during the Battle of Shipka. During the battle, a force of Bulgarian volunteers and Russian soldiers repelled a much larger Ottoman force.

Plevneliev also went further in his criticism, condemning Radev for not mentioning other countries that helped us in our liberation, mainly those that are now in the European Union – Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and others like Serbia.

During his presidency, Plevneliev had an anti-Russian position starkly opposing the generally positive opinion most Bulgarians have for the country. During his criticism of Radev, the ex-president also complained that the country invited the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill.

Plevneliev stated: “I don’t agree with celebrating the 3rd of March, the day of liberation and restoration of the Bulgarian state, to pass under the mark of the Russian Patriarch Kirill, as if we forget that the Russian Orthodox Church almost always took anti-Bulgarian positions such as enforcing the schism in the Bulgarian church in 1872.”

Further, he added that many Bulgarian politicians were bought out and advanced a “Russian imperialism” perpetrated by President Putin. He also added that the current Orthodox Church in Russia is heavily controlled by the Putin government.


Alex Dimchev

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