Bulgaria's Wild Horses Investigated After the Osogovo Mountain Incident

Due to the grizzly case with the Osogovo horses, attention was drawn to the fact their caretaker received European funding. As it turns out, many Bulgarians are raising horses due to that funding, to the point where some rural parts of Bulgaria have fewer people than horses.

After the fate of the Osogovo horses shocked Bulgaria, bTV looked into the problem. It turns out that Bulgaria is on one of the top spots for horse population, despite the fact very few Bulgarians ride or use horses. The European funding favors a certain breed. bTV interviewed Rado, a man who also raises horses, but doesn’t receive any state money.

According to him, near a village of just 7 inhabitants, there are 1000 horses. Rado thinks the high number is due to the European funding. He was also offered money for raising horses but refused because he didn’t want to follow the standards for breed and color.

Rado’s drove lives 1400 meters above sea level, in an area that’s impossible to reach with a car. The wild horses tend to favor such areas, which is partly why rescuing the Osogovo horses was so difficult. And while the horses are technically wild, they still can’t survive without assistance from their caretakers. There’s also the danger of falling prey to wolves in the wild.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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